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Channel 4 News

A news studio

The UK's fourth channel was launched in 1982, and features an hourly news programme on weekday evenings, as well as half hour programmes at weekend. Channel 4 News has kept the same basic theme tune since launch, although with different arrangements. This is our take on the 1999 arranagement, still in use:

Channel 4 News 1999 -

do-do-dooo! (duh duh-du-duh), do-do-doooooo (duh duh-du-duh), oh do-do-dooo, do-do-dooo, do-do-doooo (duh duh-du-duh).

We also realised that we could make this theme tune work very well, by saying the name of the station instead of the do's and duh's:

Channel 4 News ('Channel 4' version) 1999 -

channel-four (four four-four-four), channel-four (four four-four-four), oh channel four, channel four, channel four (four four-four-four)

I'm sure you're glad that we bothered.

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