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Bip bip, boom boom!

A news studio with sunglasses on

I know, I know. You've read Written Jingles and to be quite blunt, you thought things couldn't get much sadder. Oh how wrong you were...

Planet Bods brings you a brand new page, with a completely brand new concept. Yes, thats right, Planet Bods is proud to bring you... Written News Themes - the page for those of you who just can't live without reliving all those old news themes, not by listening to them, but by reading them!

BBC News: the 1980s

Lots of different versions depending on the time of day.

BBC News: the 1990s

Pompous and grand... Don't you just love those orchestral sounds?

BBC News: 1998

It's all boom boom now you know

BBC News 24

Rolling news channel with its own music

Channel 4 News

It's not all BBC you know.

Other Programmes

Newsnight and Question Time. Well, why not?


Here are a couple of quick notes to help you in reading the transcriptions.

Text in rounded brackets () is in the background inbetween the main elements of the theme.

Text in square brackets [] is where you need to bring a friend in to help - you'll struggle to do it all yourself!

Text in CAPITALS, add extra loud emphasis.

All other text is just normal.

Written News Themes
BBC News 1980s
BBC News 1990s
BBC News 1998
BBC News 24
Channel 4 News
Other Programmes

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