John Peel Sweet Eating Game The Game

John Peel It's a classic game loved by all generations. Yes, this is the legend that is the John Peel Sweet Eating Game.

How to Play

To play you will need:

The Rules

The rules are simple - have a sweet whenever one of the following occurs:

Carry out these rules to the letter and you'll probably need to go to hospital to have your stomach pumped by half an hour into the show, as well as needing to go to the dentist for a fair few fillings. Those who want to play this game with alcohol should be advised that they too will need stomach pumps, mainly as they'll get drunk and start having cravings for kebabs. John Peel didn't recommend that you try it with alcohol, and nor do we. This game could be lethal...

Background Information

This gane was inspired by an email sent by Catherine Redfern to the John Peel, noting a distinct lack of loud, noisy, three second long records that go BLUAARGH then end abruptly, and of course by the mighty John Peel who is no doubt one of the best presenters BBC Radio One ever had, and ever will.

And it even made it on air as part of the John Peel show - find out more.


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