Oxford Circus

Entrance to Oxford Circus station

Oxford Circus station sign

Lines served: Central, Victoria and Bakerloo

Fare Zone: 1

Number 2 on the starship Enterprise is Commander Data. An android he may well be but he ends up in his future at the University of Cambridge, England.

Cambridge University is supposedly one of the top 2 universities in the UK, along with Oxford University. Whether Oxford Uni had anything to do with the naming of Oxford Circus is unknown.

What's there?

What's there? What's at Oxford Circus? Err... Well not very much really. Just one of the biggest, busiest shopping areas in the UK. Just outside the station you'll find a plethora of retail outlets all willing to take your cash.

If you'd prefer something a bit more cultured, you can walk up Regents Street to see the mighty Broadcasting House, home of the BBC. Maybe you'd like to picket them because someone cancelled Star Trek Enterprise, even though it was nothing to do with Auntie. Well, it's something to do.

Where next?

Take the northbound Victoria Line to Finsbury Park. Change onto the southbound Piccadilly Line to Arsenal.

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