Random Writings

Various articles and sketches that have never been published anywhere, and have pretty much no connections with each other.

 The Great Scon vs Scone Debate

Just how do you pronounce the word 'scone'? We know. You will too, soon.


Yes, I can has a blog.

 Star Trek Tube Tour

What's the connection between Brent Cross and Star Trek? Find out in the totally brilliant Trekker way to see the capital.

 The Good Columbo Guide

Just one more thing... Columbo episodes reviewed and rated.


The totally pointless cartoons of Andrew Bowden

About Planet Bods

Hi. This is the website of Andrew Bowden, first launched in 1997. It hasn't been updated much (or, indeed, at all) since 2012.

These days you'll mostly find me over at my walking based website, Rambling Man which gets most of my time.

Do feel free to visit me there, or swirl around the tumbleweed here.

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