A collection of articles and sketches that have never been published anywhere other than this site, and have pretty much no connections with each other.

 The Hydra Files

Step back in time for the early days of Bods's writing career. The year 1995. The publication, Hyde Clarendon College sixth form mag, Hydra!

 Conversations With Myself

What's the point of make-up? Are women equal with men? Why do bars often employ idiots? Why am I writing conversations between me and... well... myself!

 How To... Without Really Trying

Remixing records, DIY Gangster Rap, TV adverts, clip shows and now starting a radio station - you can do any of them with the help of our Howtos!

 John Peel Sweet Eating Game

As heard on Radio One, this is the John Peel Sweet Eating Game where you too can celebrate the life and times of one of the finest DJs in the UK, and eat lots of sweets - all at the same time. What more could you want?


With all 19 scripts,info on the show, cast and an arthouse movie transcript, we're proud to present the official website of Aussie's finest soap opera, Negbores.


A collection of scripts. No pictures to go with them. Just scripts. Your job is to imagine the rest.

 The Truth About...

We promise to cut through the crap, to plough through the rubbish in order to bring you the facts and the facts. And this is the place you'll get them. So hear us speak, and listen!

 And now, programmes for conservative viewers

Abu Hamza: The Musical, and documentaries about teenagers who get pregnent to get houses.

 The Drive Thru

The American's have brought us lots of things - double choc chip muffins spring instantly to my mind, along with jelly beans. On the other hand, they also brought us the Drive-Thru...

 The Suspended Question

Tights or stockings? Radio One apparantly had to find out. As did some slightly drunken friends in a burger bar...

About Random Writings

Random Writings is a collection of articles written by myself, Andrew Bowden, over the years. The flagship is The Hydra Files - a collection of 30 odd articles written in the mid 1990s for the magazine for my sixth form college.

Also here is a number of one-offs and series of articles written for Planet Bods and other places over the years.

Photo Credit

Toy rapper photograph by Thomas Hawk, and released under a Creative Commons license.

Parrot photo by Siddy Lam, and released under a Creative Commons license.

Feet photo by Môsieur J and released under a Creative Commons licence.

Drive-thru sign photo by Jason White, and released under a Creative Commons license.

Drive-thru sign photograph by Jason White, and released under a Creative Commons license.

Ramsey street photo by Rob and Jules, and released under a Creative Commons license.

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