The Truth About...

Some people seek enlightement through meditation. Some people try to find out how the universe works to bring them fullfilment. Others just enjoy playing the panpipes.

Not us at Planet Bods! What we thrive on is the truth!

The truth I tell you!

As part of our quest, we promise to cut through the crap, to plough through the rubbish in order to bring you the facts and the facts. And this is the place you'll get them. So hear us speak, and listen!


The real hardships of being male... REVEALED!


Getting an education... DENOUNCED!

 ...Magazines for Lads And Lasses

Single gender magazine differences... EXPOSED!

Background Information

Seek the truth and ye shall find. Or something.

As to whether that truth is a good truth or not, well that's an entirely different matter...

Photo Credit

Magazines photo by Jai'me, and released under a Creative Commons license.

Man/woman photograph by Betenoir, and released under a Creative Commons license.

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