And now, programmes for conservative viewers

Remote control Early in 2007, Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre launched a scathing attack on the BBC

Not holding back his punches, he accused it of "a kind of cultural Marxism", that it was harming political debate, that it was left wing, and damaging the nation.

He boldly proclaimed:

What really disturbs me is that the BBC in every corpus of its corporate body is against conservatism with a small 'c'. Which, I would argue, just happen to be the values held by millions of Britons thus it exercises a kind of cultural Marxism where it tries to undermine that conservative society by turning those values on their head.

Damming words indeed. Little wonder then that some in the corporation decided to act quickly, and sought a whole new schedule aimed at keeping "conservative" viewers (well, okay, the Daily Mail) happy.

Sadly the left-wing-commi-pinko-liberals that run the BBC put a halt to the plans, however the crack team of Planet Bods investigative journalists found themselves with a leaked copy of the proposed schedule, and can exclusively reveal what we've missed...

All that, wrapped up with the wholesome, balanced reporting of Fox News broadcast overnight. Sounds great!

Background Information

In 2004 I saw a comment on a message board that was basically going on about BBC One's idents of the time (the dance themed ones) being political correctness gone mad, and that they didn't represent Britain. The poster proclaimed boldly that something more appropriate would be "scenes of RAF jets flying over Brussels, or pictures of Prince Charles gardening at Highgrove."

The idea of filmed footage of old Charlie stroking a petunia tenderly just before EastEnders, is one that still makes me want to burst out laughing. And it's something that always springs instantly to mind when the "Political Correctness Police" of Daily Mail readers, have a go at the BBC.

So when Paul Dacre launched his tirade against the national broadcaster, I couldn't help but try and see things from his point of view. This is what you get...

And if this is your idea of top class TV programming, then I'm not sure you're really in the right country...

This was first published on the Transdiffusion MediaBlog on 23 January 2007.


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