Conversations With Myself

ParrotI'm bored.

Really, now why doesn't that surprise me?

Yeah. What should I do about it?

Sit back and enjoy the memories.


Well, you can re-live some of the amazing conversations we've had together in the quite amazingly titled 'Conversations With Myself' section of Planet Bods. All you have to do is pick a conversation topic and read all about it.

So where are the topics then? I can't see any!

Try looking with your eyes - they are there, right below this.

Oh right. Silly me. So what's this Planet Bods thing then?

Oh just some crappy little website... Not really very important...

 The High Heeled Shoes Issue

Fall over, trip up, break your heel and sprain your ankle. That sounds like fun.

 The Make-Up Issue

Yeah! Cake yourself in gunk! That's a good idea!

 The Mascara Issue

Of course it makes your eye lashes look think and lucious. Honest, it does.

 The Gender Roles Issue

If women can have short hair, why can't men have it long too?

 The Day Of Saint Valentine

Are you sure he wasn't just made up to sell Milk Tray and big teddy bears?

 The 'Trendy' Bars Issue

So I can be a horrible violent thug, but if I look the part, I can get in. If I'm nice but in the wrong clothes, I'm out...

Background Information

Conversations with Myself. A concept in article writing whereby you pose questions and then answer them. It's not exactly an original idea. The name maybe is... After all it's what you're doing. You're effectively writing both sides, so you're talking to yourself.

The ones written here tend to be little annoyances, strange quirks, things that are difficult to truly comprehend. I mean, just how did the Cheeky Girls ever get so famous?

All this is done with huge apologies to the much missed Miles Kington of the Independent, whose column was occasionally written in this style. And whilst the style isn't new, his was a style I was pretty much trying to imitate. Except he did it better...

Photo Credit

Parrot photo by Siddy Lam. Released under a Creative Commons licenced.

Roses photograph by Elaine with Grey Cats, and released under a Creative Commons license.

Man/woman photograph by Betenoir, and released under a Creative Commons license.

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