How To... Without Really Trying

Welcome dear friends, welcome, to the world where we explain how to all kinds of stuff, without you even having to try very hard at all. Just follow our guides...

 Make TV Adverts

Become an advert mogul with our guide to creating ads for TV

 Be A Gangster Rapper

Learn how to gangster rap, and maybe even get on Westwood's show!

 Remix A Record

Get your tunes on the dance floor with our guide to remixing.

 Make A Popular Culture Based TV Clips Show

Start making money by getting into TV production the lazy way

 Start A Radio Station

Set up your own radio station the easy way.

 Flatter A Klingon

Need to get on the good side of a Klingon in a hurry? Have no fear, we can help.

Background Information

This is the series that changed lives, as can be revealed by these happy customers.Our series will change your life. Just look at these millions of happy customers.

John Sunday from Manchester proclaimed...

What a great guide. Thanks to you, I've just released my fifteenth hit single!

Emily Watson, Chocolatown told us...

Without you, I would never have done that Ferro Rocher ad! Thanks!

Meanwhile Freda Jones of West Glamorgan extolled...

I really didn't know how I lived before!

Whilst one E. Presley of Graceland said...

The How To... series has given me a whole new career!

But don't just take their words for it - read on to find out for yourself just how we can help change your life!

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Toy rapper photo by Thomas Hawk, and released under a Creative Commons license.

DJ photo by Craig Rigby, and released under a Creative Commons license.

TV poto by Troy Holden, and released under a Creative Commons licence

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