How To... Without Really Trying Flatter A Klingon

Worf Let's face it - we've all been there. It's a Friday night and the pub is rammed. You stumble away from the bar, four pints in hand, trying to make your way back to the table, but you accidentally bump into a Klingon, knocking their glass of blood wine onto the floor, and spilling your beers all over their best warrior clothing.

It's every grown mans nightmare. And probably some grown women too.

How do you get out of these situations? Turn on the charm and flattery? Works in most situations. But how on earth do you flatter a Klingon? Fortunately for you, we have the answer.

It really is as simple as picking one of the following Klingon-flattering lines - 100% guaranteed by Planet Bods to work even with the stubbornest Klingon! Just print out this page, and cut out the different phrases so you can pull them out of your pocket in an emergency!

There! Problem solved!

Background Information

I had these bold visions years ago of creating a huge, and rather silly, Star Trek section based around the Star Trek Tube Tour, however it never really worked out like that. As ever it was one of those situations where the idea was great however I never had the material to sustain it. As perhaps this piece shows...

It wasn't originally deemed to be a "How To..." but the name of the piece was "How to flatter a Klingon" so hey, where would you put it on your website?

This piece was first published 30 May 2004.


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