The Hydra Files

In 1995 one man started writing articles for a sixth form college magazine called Hydra. That man was Steven Jackson.

And he persuaded someone else to start writing too. And lo, that second man did write and write, even when Steven had stopped.

That man was Andrew Bowden. And these are his files.

About Hydra

A look at the college mag that was Hydra, and how Bods got involved.

Regular Columns

The regular sections that would crop up time and time again - from supermarkets to an american solider.

February 1995 Edition

The first three articles that started off a whole writing career! Or somet...

Easter 1995 Edition

The one emblazoned with "Bods - Lots of Him" on the front.

May 1995 Edition

You can't beat a good pie chart!

October 1995 Edition

What was that about a melon?

Christmas 1995 Edition

Sex, sport, cooking and a little ho-ho-ho.

February 1996 Edition

The edition where the internet arrived! (gasp!)

Easter 1996 Edition

The rather self indulgent ending of an Bods-type era.


If you don't like bad grammer, sarcasm, the odd pilfered gag, incomprehensible in jokes, an arrogance that everyone knows exactly what you're talking about all the time AND multiple explantion marks, The Hydra Files are not for you.

Why not go somewhere else? The Disney site or CBeebies perhaps?

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