The Hydra FilesFebruary 1996 Edition

With the beginning of 1996, a new team descended on Hydra whilst us second years went off to study for A-Levels. Or that was the theory.

In reality, new editor little Jenny (she was little, and she was called Jenny) still managaed to con me into writing a few pieces. Well three... She was very persuasive...

Rant 'n' Rave: America

Bods goes off on one about America.

On The Shop Floor

Part four in the intermitant series on supermarkets, and Bods explains what goes on behind the scenes.

Get Wired

It's 1996 and the internet has just arrived. And it was dead cool. Honest.

Cover of the February 1996 edition of Hydra

Not quite sure who did the artwork for this cover but if you look carefully, it says Hydra. Sort off. Each edition was also numbered - this was edition 37.

See larger version of cover

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