The Hydra FilesEaster 1996 Edition

So this is it. The end. My final Hydra.

Published just weeks before exam season started, my contributions were pretty small and minor, but even exam stress couldn't stop me writing something... Even if it was hugely self-indulgent.

Corporal Punishment (Edition 6)

The Corporal returns for one final fling.

The London Trip

Tales of some teenagers hitting London, just weeks after some bombs.

The Inner Circle

Yet another classy cartoon from the Bodsster.

The End Of An Era

Self-indulgent clap trap, which was the last article.

Cover of the Easter 1996 edition of Hydra

The Easter Bunny has an egg. And he's standing in the the forest. With his foot in a puddle. Obvious really. The reason for the foot in the puddle? John Grantham, who drew the cover, couldn't draw feet.

See larger version of cover

Back cover of the Easter 1996 edition of Hydra

This edition of Hydra also had a back cover for once, and it was drawn by yours truly. Yes that is an easter egg and that is a very bad pun.

See larger version of back cover

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