The Hydra FilesMay 1995 Edition

I was a bit disappointed when I re-read some of the articles in the May 1995 edition. Far too many in-jokes that only two people would have understood, and even then, wouldn't have founded very funny. There was also a lot of out of date reviews.

As such a lot of May 1995's content hasn't made it online as it's just pointless and you wouldn't understand what was going on. In fact I'm not sure I do...

The Rather Sad Diary Of Andrew Bowden

Diary entries from when I was 13. Real ones. Sadly.

Corporal Punishment (Edition 3)

Des Lynham and sex on a stick? It could only be the Corporal.

Rant 'n' Rave: Top Of The Pops

Top of the Pops - it's apparently a good laff, but for some reason, I can't remember why.

The Mailbag

More exciting correspondence on Hydra's letters page.

Cover of May 1995 edition of Hydra

A grenade with Hydra written on it wasn't exactly an obvious picture for the cover.

See larger version of cover

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