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Bods delves into the bulging sack and answers your letters in his own sad little way.

What is it with Mossley?

So what is wrong with Mossley? Why does nobody have anything to say about this fine town?

Kim Wilde, Mossley

Do you want a list? In the words of Charles Dickens, baa humbug. Anyway, back to sensible writing (that's a laugh!). Why would anybody say anything nasty about Mossley? Glossop's a much easier target...

The REAL Thing...

I don't believe the letters on this page are genuine. I think you just sit down and make them up. I refuse to believe that anyone could write such drivel. It's just you and your warped imaginations.

Anne Blacknell, Godley

Unfortunately all these letters are genuine. It all comes from the warped imaginations of readers, including yours.

This is a real letter...

I saw the Easter edition of Hydra and saw the phrase "Still only 20p" at the bottom of the front cover.

Hydra is a magazine and certainly is not 20p. Nor has it ever been.

Please don't mislead the public, or I will be passing my concerns onto the Tameside Trading Standards Office. Thank you.

Jane Sesame, Cockbrook

See what I mean? There is no way I could make up a letter as cretinous as this.

Obsessed? Me?

I think you are obsessed with Mark Radcliffe. I know a good clinic you could go to.

Jane Bullogh, Old Glossop

Just because I have a life sized cardboard cut out of the man, next to my bed, doesn't mean that I am obsessed...

Make Hydra look more professional! Hmm...

I think you should do more to improve the quality of the layout of Hydra by adopting a standard typeface size of 14pts, and a heading of 24pts with italics and emboldening applied. Use the Times New Roman font. Maybe have two columns. This will make Hydra look more professional.

Charles Parker, Gold Hill Publishing, Hyde

Oh yes. Hydra needs this important makeover. However just for you I have been messing about with my word processor and laid out this page in a special way, just for you. I think it looks quite neat though it took me half an hour to get Word for Windows to do it properly. Give me a decent DTP package any day.

Your Last Rolo Please.

Every issue there seems to be a comment about Rolo. Why?

The Eternally Confused, Mottram

You've never met the guy. And boy, you don't want to...

In May 1995 Edition

Background Information

Every magazine should have a letters page... Even if they don't get any letters...

I hasten to add that the fifth letter refers to the print edition, not this beautiful website!


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