The Hydra FilesChristmas 1995 Edition

It was the end of another year and our years reign of terror at Hydra had almost ended.

At this point I'd rather intended to end writing for Hydra - A-Levels were approaching and that needed a lot of time and effort. As it was, I kept on writing anyway...

Corporal Punishment (Edition 5)

Sorted for E's and whizz? Sex? Yes please!


Hydra 'attempts' a sports section.

In The Cutting Room

Not particularly subtle article relating to censorship in the October 1995 issue.

The Mailbag

Answering non-existant letters, the Andrew Bowden way.

The Student Cookbook

Student gormet delights.

The Inner Circle

High quality cartoon fun.

Cover of the Christmas 1995 edition of Hydra

Stephen Knight's last Hydra cover was this wonderful snowman which adorned the Christmas edition

See larger version of cover

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