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Obsessed, Me?

I noted in the last issue, Bods, that you failed to mention Mark Radcliffe once. Does this mean that you are cured of your obsession with said disc jockey? If not, perhaps you'd like to pop in some time and discuss it.

Professor Kackson, The Surgery, Ashton-Under-Lyne

May I first apologise for this careless omission. Secondly I would like to point out that I am not obsessed. Now, where did I see that wallpaper with Mark's face on it?

There's a greatness to your lateness

I couldn't help noticing that the last issue was over two weeks late. This obviously meant that there were problems with sections being no longer relevant. Why did this happen?

Jane Gallsworthy, Hyde

Several factors contributed to the delay, for which we must apologise profusely for.

Firstly we moved the deadline for contributions to an earlier date, and of course the writers were not prepared for this, and the magazine wasn't fully written until a week later. Neverless we should still have had time.

Alas, we got held up elsewhere, in what some may call the censors office (which we didn't know was going to happen) and we got about four more days behind.

Oh and then Marlene from Reprographics fell ill, and Mark couldn't do all the work by himself. Reprographics was also being decorated which meant that we had to wait until after half term. Oh, and they had to print the open evening stuff too.

All I can say is, it wasn't our fault. Honest guv.

Why, Why, Oh Why?

This may be a stupid question, but why does Bods edit the letters page? In the majority of magazines, the letters page is edited by the editor.

Paula Smith, Hollinwood

Obviously you don't read the right magazines. PC Format for instance, lets its deputy editor Ed Rickets loose on its letters page. Meanwhile in the NME, various NME writers answer your letters, this changing from week to week.


Why do we have a magazine full of spelling mistakes, the majority of which could easily be eliminated by a quick check of the work by eye, then with a spell checker. The presentation would be much better were it not for those last minute pencil marks.

Rachel Hattersley, Denton

I have to agree with you, and say that I too am a culprit of not checking my work thoroughly. However out of 60-odd pages last time (our BIGGEST issue EVER!!) only twelve had any mistakes on them. That's still twelve too many, and all I can say to everyone who doesn't normally use a spell checker is to locate it, and use it. Personally though, I keep putting were instead of where. This of course, doesn't show up on the old checker.

We all live in a yellow submarine...

I really enjoyed TheChange last issue. I was also intrigued by the colour choice for this section. Why yellow?

Paul Metcalf, Gee Cross

We at Hydra are fans of the colour yellow. Personally I thought the old college logo in blue and yellow looks much better than this blue and red thing, but there is no accounting for taste.

Anyway the magazine does have a tendency to blur together into a black and white frenzy. So when it was suggested printing the yellow bit, to me, it made sense. It added some colour to the magazine which was the intention and it seemed to have a good response.

Why do I get all the nutters?

I can understand how you feel when nobody believes you when you say all the letters are genuine. I too am a victim of sceptics when I explain to people the intricacies of flying green fish and lethal yellow picket fences. I feel that this lack of trust is just yet another sign of decreasing standards of modern society.

I hope you will join me in seeing that the only cure for this depraved immorality is simply arbitrary extermination. The human species can progress no further as it is and so I believe we should give evolution another chance.

Therefore I propose to plant a bomb in Sellafield Power Station (I have a friend with an amount of expertise in the art of dodgy explosives.) This way we can eliminate the foul human scourge and have the British nuclear industry to take the blame. Who will believe the catastrophe wasn't just another Sellafield mess up?

I hope you will join me in this worthwhile venture, and with enough financial backing, I may be persuaded to spare Mark Radcliffe.

Azreal, an aardvark of Glossop

Why do I get all the nutters? This plonker seems to think evolution takes place...

Anyway blowing up Sellafield will only destroy Europe. What about the rest of the world that depends on us to exploit their feeble countries. What will they do? You obviously haven't thought through your proposals thoroughly enough.


Yes, OK, sometimes we get it wrong. We ain't human ya'know! For example, Page 8 of TheChange last issue (that's the yellow bit) had a slight error. The interview with Principal Sian Macdonald was by Taz Syed and Stephen Knight. It was typed by Andrew Bowden, however Mr Bowden was not responsible for writing the Editorial Comment. We apologise to him for this error.

In Christmas 1995 Edition

Background Information

An explanation. TheChange was a yellow section of the October edition that was rather pointless. And no, I didn't do it. I just typed up an interview...

Also got to love the satire about the nutter who believes in evolution.


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