The Hydra FilesFebruary 1995 Edition

The edition of Hydra from February 1995 was the first to contain an article by myself.

This being my very first articles ever to get in print, there's a certain rawness about them - a lack of polish that my pride would never let me get away with today!

Three articles were published in that hazy spring:

Rant 'n' Rave: How Do They Do That?

How do they do that? Do what? Make a TV programme that diabolical! (Hint: if you don't remember How Do They Do That? with Des Lynham, this article will probably make no sense at all!)

Supermarket Speak

Learn the supermarket lingo of 1995 with Supermarket Speak. It's probably not changed much to this day!

Corporal Punishment (Edition 1)

Hydra's answer to... err... something... makes his very first appearance. And I'm sure the world rejoyced when that happened!

February 1995 cover of Hydra

Stephen Knight did some quite frankly superb covers for Hydra - some cartoony, others wonderful drawings like this picture of the beast from which the magazine's name came from. Somehow I doubt he added the price...

See larger version of cover

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