The Hydra FilesOctober 1995 Edition

Hydra's publication schedule was (if you haven't guessed) around half terms - the few days before the half term/term end would be a mad frantic rush as people rushed around frantically sticking the magazine together with Pritt Stick. Catherine (who was joint-editor for a year) tells me they once tried Gloy Paste but it didn't work very well.

So October 1995 was the end of the first few weeks of a new college year. New students, new college logo and lots of builders running around the place. The hall had gone from danky green to a brigther blue. And the canteen was renamed The Refectory...

Rant 'n' Rave: Europap

Europap music gets the R'n'R treatment.

Supermarket Fun

The joys of filling in for your boss.

Data Bytes Back

The Hydra computer muses on life, online can machines and more.

Corporal Punishment (Edition 4)

Vanity, batman, Mark Tonderri and (amazingly) rag and bone men

The Mailbag

Opening up Hydra's buldging sack. Mail sack that is.

What A Problem!

The male obsession with the problem pages from womens magazines.

Cover of the October 1995 edition of Hydra

The builders are in in this Stephen Knight masterpiece.

See larger version of cover

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