The Hydra FilesEaster 1995 Edition

Two months on and I'd got into my stride. So much so that one of the (many) tag lines on the bottom of the front cover was "Bods (loads of him)"!

To be honest, much of it was reviews, but needless to say, there were a few articles of interest.

Rant 'n' Rave: Deodrant Free Zone

Deodrant stinks! When you get it for every birthday.

Supermarket FAQs

The guide to working in a supermarket continues with a look at how to answer those customer questions.

Corporal Punishment (edition 2)

The Corporal returned for episode 2 - and was twice as big and twice as odd.

Clubs and Societies

A tour of the odder end of the student social scene as Hydra revealed some of the odder clubs and societies.

The Mailbag

More exciting correspondence on Hydra's letters page.

Cover of Easter 1995 edition of Hydra

The Easter Bunny runs towards Hyde Clarendon College which, if you look very carefully, is on fire (that's cos there was a minor fire that term). Incidently the by-lines at the bottom include "Bods (loads of him)" for some unknown reason...

See larger version of cover

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