What do you get when you put together some silly and pointless sketches? Well this site actually...

 And Now, The News Where You Live

A satirical look at the world of regional news programmes.

 Get Out Of The Trench, Tony!

Tony Robinson running across fields, archaeologists wearing multi-coloured jumpers, getting excited about pebbles.

 15 Minute Star Trek Generations

Why watch the film if you can just read the whole thing in less than 15 minutes?

 Driving Test for Boy Racers

The government does much to try to improve the quality of those who drive on our nations roads. We've take a look at their latest scheme, specialised driving tests.

 Ten Minute Babylon 5: Season 1

There is a hole in your plot device...

 The Ten Commandments: The Directors Cut

So while Aaron and Moses were falling to the floor in awe of God, what was everyone else doing? Standing there, gossiping?

Background Information

In a way this lot is all rather old fashioned. See they're sketches just written out, because in the early days of the internet, that's all we could do. It's all we wanted to do.

These days, people don't make web pages like this. If you have a sketch you'd record it using your video camera, or you'd animate it.

That has a problem because not everyone can animate, and not everyone has the budget or locations to film things properly. So some sketches don't get done. And those sketches don't have a home on the internet.

That is, unless you're old fashioned like me and just look at all this new fangled effort and go... "Meh, can't be arsed".

Cos not every good script writer wants to be a director to. And nor does every bad script writer either...

Photo Credits

Ramsey Street photo by Rob & Jules and released under a Creative Commons licence.

Car photograph by Lee Carson and released under a Creative Commons licence.

Trench photograph by LAARCmanager and released under a Creative Commons licence.

Image of Kosh from Babylon 5, ©1992-1998, PTN Consortium/Warner Bros.

All other photographs by Andrew Bowden.

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