Sketches Ten Minute Babylon 5: Season 1

Kosh Following on from the amazing, downright spectacular 15 Minute Star Trek comes the amazingly wonderful 10 Minute Babylon 5!

And because Babylon 5 is a big thing, with lots of complex stuff, we've got to take it one season at a time. So this is the first season (and the pilot for good measure).

It can be a dangerous place, but it's our last, best hope for some decent content on this website...

Sinclair: Ah, nice new station. Nice new desk. Nice new clean office! I'm going to enjoy this! Now let's see what post I have today. Ah, here's a letter.

<Opens letter>

Sinclair: <reads> Dear Commander Sinclair. I hope you are well. You have a hole in your mind. Best wishes..."

<Ivanova and Franklin run in>

Ivanova: The new Vorlon ambassador is here!

<Kosh walks in and immediatly falls over.>

Franklin: He's been poisoned!

<Lyta runs in.>

Lyta: <Pointing at Sinclair> It was HIM!

<Lyta leaves. Garibaldi runs in.>

Garibaldi: President Santiago has just been assassinated!

<Londo runs in.>

Londo: I've just declared war on the Narns!

<Sound of fighting mobs in the corridor. Delenn runs in.>

Delenn: An ancient and evil race of aliens are about to take over the universe! Oh and I've decided to have a bit of a makeover.

<Garibaldi falls over.>

Garibaldi: Argh! Someone has just shot me! It's was probably because I think that Santiago was assassinated by Clarke! By the way, I think I'm going to go into a comma!

Sinclair: Agh! Things just can't get any worse!

<Bester walks in.>

Bester: Hello!

Sinclair: Right. Sod this, I'm off to Minbar.

Background Information

Another firm favourite on this website, this was originally written by Catherine and as such, has no real and true home in this site. But if it wasn't here, it would be long lost.

It's been a long intention to extend this to cover all five Babylon 5 seasons, but then I've been saying that for years... Maybe one day... But then sensible people these days would do this in video, maybe with characters made out of paper or something...

(Of course true Babylon 5 fans will know that Franklyn wasn't around to see Kosh collapse... But hey, why get the facts get in the way of a good tale?)

Image Credit

Image of Kosh from Babylon 5, ©1992-1998, PTN Consortium/Warner Bros.


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