Ramsay Street Welcome to the Official Negbores home page, the home of what is undeniably the finest soap opera to come out of Australia.

Despite it's high quality, only 19 episodes were ever made, and all video copies have since been lost. Only the scripts remain, presented here for you.

Series 1

Transcripts from finest of all Aussie soap operas.

Series 2

After the success of series 1, another six episodes followed in 1999.


The arthouse film that replaced Negbores when it was axed.

About Negbores

Anyone who ever watched Neighbours on BBC One in the 1980s and 1990s will recognise the inspiration for much of this frankly ridiculous thing. If you didn't, it probably won't mean much to you and I'd go somewhere else if I was you.

Background Information

So what can be said about Negbores?

Well it was basically something I knocked up inbetween lectures at university and sent to a few people.

Basically a spoof on cult Aussie soap opera Neighbours, most of this won't make any sense if you didn't watch that show in the late 1980s. And probably won't if you did either.

These scripts are provided here for the three people who actually understand any of this.

The original thirteen scripts were written in Spring 1997, whilst Episodes 14-17 and the first part of episode 18, where written in August 1999. The rest of episode 18, and episode 19 where written in April 2000.

Oh and why Negbores? Ah, that's my mum's fault. She always called Neighbours, Negbores. And no, I don't know why.

Photo Credits

Ramsay Street house photo by Rob and Jules, and released under a Creative Commons license.

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