The Hydra Files Clubs and Societies

The Sad Gits Club

Are you a sad git? Well come along and join a bunch of other sad gits and we can be all be sad together. Every alternate Wednesday, and every third Friday in room A13, 12:30 exactly. Bring your train spotter pads with you!

The People Who think They Are Better Than Everyone Else And Who Walk In A Stupid Manner To Prove It

Are you better than everyone else? Do you have an enormous chip on your shoulder? Are you the kind of person who hangs around in the toilets, for fun? Then join us, and to prove we are better than everyone else, we'll all go off and walk in a stupid manner that we think makes us look totally cool, but in reality, makes us look completely stupid, and everyone else thinks we are sad people, not that we are, because we are better than everyone else. Mondays 12:15 in B1.

The Swotty Bar Stewards Club?

Taking 5 A-levels and a City & Guilds in Word Processing with Uncle Dave? Well come along and we can all swot up together and plan the next five to take when we've completed our current lot. Make sure you get some social life by coming and seeing us! Your 15 minutes of fun a week is in room A10 every Wednesday, 10:25 prompt.

The Atari ST Appreciation Society

Do you like the Atari ST? Well come along to A10 every Friday at 10:20, and we'll discuss things like the wonderful Yamaha sound chip, and the stupidly placed joy-stick ports. Bring any interesting software along too, and we'll discuss and review it.

In our next meeting we'll be discussing the brilliant disc formatter McFormat Plus v2.2, which plays music while formatting your discs. It has a really smart interface and plays 29 different music file formats, two examples are included, and is totally fantastic! Got an ST (Mr Burridge)? Then come and join us.

So why not try one of these clubs and societies. or you could just go in pub and get drunk instead. Probably be more fun. Hey what am I saying? 'Course its more fun! But hey, McFormat Plus 2.2 is fantastic. Honest! Go and buy a copy today! But mind you, I wrote the darn program. Oh dear.

In Easter 1995 Edition

Background Information

Every college has a set of clubs and societies. Every day, Hyde's noticeboard would detail that days events. This piece was inspired by that noticeboard - and the people who walked around thinking they looked cool.

Incidentally, I really did write McFormat and it really did play a choice of 19 different pieces of music whilst formatting your floppy. It was dead good. Honest.


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