The Hydra Files The Rather Sad Diary Of Andrew Bowden

Upon a routine 'shift the junk from one pile to another' (or tidy) of my room, I came upon my 1991 diary. A haven for my emotions, my feelings, my ideas, my 'things'. I thought I'd publish selected extracts, because it does show the mental state I was in four years ago. Oh how things change?

Thursday January 3rd

Grandad for tea. Soaked while trying to get the FF (Fast Forward - BBC young persons magazine) Year-book. If I will ever find it, I don't know. Sometimes I wonder what the point of life is. I have dreams for the future. Calling for a pizza and dressing as a teenage mutant hero turtle to collect it. Well, they like pizza! School hols are so boring. Mind you, school is even more boring.

Tuesday January 8th

Inter-form cross country. In weather conditions of ice and cold winds, then I hated it (Does anyone understand what on earth I was going on about here? I don't.) I hate stupid Dooling (rather large games teacher). 129th. Stupid Games Department.

Wednesday January 9th

Belated New Years resolution: Be more cool. Nearly had class detention with Keogh (English teacher - from Yorkshire you know!). Just saved it. Kill Roland Bushell. Just my luck. He's moving into Maths Set One. 20 lessons a week with him. Poor me.

Friday January 11th

Not a bad day except for Bushell in games, but we won all our matches! BUSHELL'S TEAM DIDN'T!!!!!

Saturday January 12th

Went to Ashton/Hyde and Parker's house. Spent only 49p! Couldn't put any money in the bank though. Now shuts at 12:30. Awkward thickos. I think I'll transfer my account. No offence. I am now thinking about getting an Amiga. Of course, I'll have to pay a lot to pay a lot towards it...

Well, here endeth diary extracts part one. I did honestly write all this. You can see it if you like. I should stress that all extracts remain completely unedited, with no words, phrases or sentences substituted for others. Or your money back!

In May 1995 Edition

Background Information

Sadly this is all true... I don't know if anyone believed it at the time, but these really were entries from my diary when I was 13.

What I'm not sure about is why I decided to put them in Hydra. I presume I thought it was funny although frankly who would have understood it is anyone's guess!


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