The Hydra Files The End Of An Era

A long time ago, there was a naff magazine called Hydra. It was in a bit of a mess, and needed some help in sorting out. And so, on the 1 January 1995, a new editorial team took on the challenge of sorting it out.

OK I'm lying.

They actually took on the challenge of cobbling this mag together. And that first issue, some 14 months ago made Hydra great again. Various, influential people, and Mr Burridge, have said that Hydra has not been as good for years, and when I looked through the back issues kept in the Library some time ago, I had to agree.

Most of that editorial team who made Hydra great again, have long since laid their pens to rest. Jacko, Ruth, Cath and Taz have all gone. Myself and Kath have remained, only because Jenny keeps coming along panicking about the number of pages she hasn't got, but alas, this will be the end of it all.

And I want to leave you with this - a page full of rubbish. Including this poem which I wrote, and have called 'The End'.

There is a story, of morning glory,
People of a different class,
Who made a great escape.

But they are gone, and now people cry,
Saying that modern life is rubbish.

Others listen at their leisure,
Replying with words, that there is definatly,
No need to argue.

In Easter 1996 Edition

Background Information

Background Information

Completely self indulgent, this is the end. The end of Bods in Hydra. And it makes me look like a reet twat.


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