The Truth About... ...Men

Man and Woman sign Everyone knows that women have a few hardships in their lives. Who can blame them for moaning once a month. However, many women seem to be under the misapprehension that they are the only ones to ever suffer in life. This is something which is blatantly untrue - men suffer a lot too.

From discrimination in student unions where they are deprived of having a Men's Officer (it's not sexist to have just a Women's Officer... Honest), to the fact that men have trouble wearing skirts without being laughed at by women - there are plenty of hardships that men have to suffer in their everyday lives.

This page aims to list the problems women have and to put forward an equivalent problem that men have. In most cases, the male equivalent is far, far worse... Ladies and Gentlemen, we present, The Truth About Men.

Periods and stuff, including all those nasty pains and the blood.Going bald.
Giving birth.Being kneed in the nether regions.
Being perceived as being the weaker sex.The stress of being the stronger sex.
The problems of trying to get to be treated equally in an unequal world.The problems of having to lift heavy boxes for all those pesky, pain in the neck, wimpy women
The stress of housework.The stress of having to watch someone do the housework, while drinking beer.
Having to look after the kids.Having to go down the pub continually, and having to get rat-arsed while there.
Being divorced so your ex can go for a younger model.Nostril hair.

As you can see, life is tough for men too...

Background Information

A very tongue-in-cheek look at gender differences here! Not entirely sure what inspired this, however I suspect alcohol might have been involved.

This was the first Truth article and was published 15 February 1998.

Photo Credit

Photograph by Betenoir, and released under a Creative Commons license.


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