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Inside Bods On The Wireless

In 1998, there was just one person in the minds of students in Durham. Before, during and after lectures, one person was everyone's lips. In the pubs and clubs of the North East, it was one person who everyone was talking about. Television stations wanted his story. And that person most certainly wasn't, Andrew Paul Bowden.

This website is dedicated to bringing you the excitment, the thrills and the spills that Andrew's radio shows - info on stuff on the show and it's sketches - completely failed to bring to Durham, as well as looking at the behind the scenese show info about the shows and presenters.

Oh and in our new Games section you to can play Pick Your Fish from the comfort of your computer.

This is Bods On The Wireless.


Show Info
How it happened, and who was involved.
On The Show
The exciting features on the shows - including Pick Your Fish!
Bad jokes, bad acting, bad radio?
Play Pick Your Fish!
Bods On The Wireless
About the Show
The Presenters
On The Show
Play Pick Your Fish

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