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Tim Westwood, host of BBC Radio One's Rap Show, is apparently one of the world's most influential figures in the world of Rap and Hip Hop.

He may be a respected DJ, credited with raising the profile of the rap music scene in Britain, but that doesn't mean he speaks Queen's English as Planet Bods can reveal...

Mad Record Labels.

The quote that started this whole site off. Tim brings you a valuable introduction to 'Speaking Da Westwood Way'.

Christmas Predictions.

When it comes to guessing the future, Westwood has an unfortunate ability.

Opening Magic.

How to start a radio show.

Da Bomb!

The most famous of Westwood-isms - the sound effect you make yourself!

Other Wise Words

The latest wise words from Westwood!

Last Updated: 16 November 2003

Keepin' It Real!

Those are going to take some beating, but if you have any of Tim's Wise and Sage Words, and would like to share them with the world, send us an email.

But for now, as Westwood would say... "Uffk this shat, I'm oudda here". Couldn't put it better myself.

Keep it real!

Right. In case you don't get it, this site is NOT having a go at Westwood.

It's not racist, liablous, anti-rap or anything.

It's highly unlikely that Westwood could sue me for anything on this site. It's highly unlikely he'd want to. It's highly unlikely that he does NOT know this site exists.

So what is this site? Well it's simply taking Westwood's comments out of context and portraying them as an attempt humour.

We do it because we like Westwood. We like him, but sometimes what he says is just funny.

Still don't get it?

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