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So long, New Broadcasting House

Wandering round the BBC's former Manchester studios

The Bill stops here

It's very strange to be living in Sun Hill

Is DAB Dead?

There are technical reasons why DAB is not as good as it could be. But are implementation shortcomings enough reason to condemn the whole idea?

Past Radio 1

Remembering Radio 1 in the 1990s. Written in celebration of the station's 40th birthday

Mike Neville

North East television legend

Freeview: The rise and rise

How the analogue status quo came to Freeview.

Earth and Sky

Is Freesat a Freeview killer?

Whither ITV?

Lets dust off the crystal ball and envisage a post-analogue future for ITV.

DTT Challenge

An additional perspective on why analogue should end sooner, rather than later.

Tip top

Can they get this old ONdigital victim back into pay-tv?

Pure Evoke II.

Until the Evoke came along, DAB radio sets had been mostly hi-fi separates ? expensive tuners to sit in serious hi-fi systems. And then the Evoke I came along.

London's news

The demise of the London News Network.

Fallen Idols

Watching Sadam Hussain fall to earth.


The new form of radio, DAB, has well and truly arrived, but is it worth switching?

Rebranding TTT.

The prolonged death of Tyne Tees following a pretty major, but short-lived rebrand.

Paying Up.

A scandal erupts as ITV Digital's receivers demand ITV Digital's receivers back. And someone was spoiling for a fight that never came.

The Empire Strikes Back

Forty pounds or send the old ITV Digital box back. Forty pounds or bankrupt the receiver? Choices, choices...

Digital Acorns

From digital acorns do a mighty free to air digital TV system grow...

EMC Review of 2002

EMC's whistlestop tour of the year 2002. (Contributer).


When there is but one ITV franchisee, it will be effectively unregulated. Let's preserve the best part of ITV1 now, and save tears later.

An LWT Diary.

With insufficient sleep and a pen at the ready, it was time to chart the last day of LWT and its downfall.

Five Wins

Channel Five - or five as we must now call it - has succeeded in all it originally planned, and far more.


20 minutes into the future with digital television.

Fourgone Conclusion

Once it lead the way, now it seems just to follow. Channel 4 has lost its way.

Branding Sacred Cows.

And then there was one... or so the Network Centre would like. But the bosses of ITV1 may not get things all their own way.

No News is Good News

The ITN News Channel? What a waste of time.

New Ways and Means

The fad of flagging "new" programmes onscreen.

You the Jury

After the demise of ITV Digital, did anyone notice the absence of pay TV? Written with Jon Bufton, James Pittman and Catherine Redfern.

Five For News

C5 news bulletin presentation is setting the standard.

Federation News

ITV's regional news is falling away, unloved and uncared for. It's time to bring it back out of the ghetto. Originally published under the name 'Regionality News'.

Who Cares?

ITV Digital - so many channels and nothing to distinguish itself.

Set Pieces

The branding of ITN's news programmes for ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Rock and a Hard Place.

Which to choose? ITV Digital or Sky Digital? Well I couldn't see the difference...

Three's Company

A look at the disasterous, brief life of Channel 3 North East.

Ultimate Branding

Getting the viewers to stay: invision continuity is the secret to perfect TV branding.

All Together Now

Why the regional system is no longer appropiate for ITV.

EMC Review of 2001.

EMC's roundup of the year 2001. (Contributer). Not currently online.

The Colour of News.

An authorative indepth look at the launch of the new regional news programme, BBC London News, and how its set and design fits into the overall scheme of the BBC News corporate look.

Fourth Estate

A look at the highly coordinated attempt by Channel Four to brand its station. Since this article was written, it appears that BBC Two has been taking some tips from the station.

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