Catherine's Guide to Student Durham

When most people think of being a student at a British university, they are likely to think of brainy looking, academic types, wearing college scarves, and bunches of gown classed graduates throwing mortar boards into the air in those photographs you always see in prospectuses.

Well some people might. The fact is that University is nothing like that. It's a bunch of people, most of whom spend half their time studying, the other half proping up the bar. And that's just the swots...

The Planet Bods team spent three years at one such university, The University Of Durham, which is perhaps odder than most. And this is Catherine's Guide To Student Durham.

Whilst some here is specific to Durham, you'll find similar situations across the country. Oh and any similarities to any persons living, dead, or in Durham, is purely coincidental.

So with that said, what are you waiting for? Come on! Let's begin!

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