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Various Jobs

After being replaced by Danny Baker on London Live, Kevin was now out of contract on national BBC stations and working freelance, although his appearances on the BBC World Service which he'd been working for since his Radio One days, continued.

Indeed his freelance travels saw him occasionally cropping up at Five Live, filling in for Simon Mayo (as ever), or presenting editions of the Five Live Report.

All That Jazz

As well as Five Live, commercial station Jazz FM employed Kevin for brief stints throughout 2001 and 2002 to fill in for presenters, with Kevin even having a station email address.

Although many considered it a slightly strange move, it was a testament to Kevin's talent and professionalism that he could turn his hand to any job on any station with relative ease.

But in May 2002, Kevin got another job...

Home Is Where The Heart Is.

The world of radio is fickle. One minute you're in, one minute you're out. The next, Capital Gold has nicked one of your DJs and you need a replacement.

And so it was that London based commercial station Heart 106.2 found itself suddenly without David Jenson and it needed a host for its 2-6pm weekend slot. That presenter was to be Kevin.

On the 18th May 2002, Kevin started in his new job on Weekends at the London adult music station Heart 106.2. Given that a week into his new job he was having to ask questions in competitions about what a gezebo is for, it seemed a bit of a waste of a very talented man, but that's commercial radio for you.

However sometimes you need to take all the jobs you can get... Thankfully though, this job was not to last for long.

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