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BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show

Early mornings seem to play a big role in Kevin's career at Radio One. He had spent much time on the weekend breakfast shows as well as doing a lot of fill-in slots for Steve Wright and Chris Evans on weekday breakfasts.

With Mark and Lard in the top slot, Kevin became yet again the main stand-in for the show, allowing him to relieve the restrictive corset of Drivetime and enter the loose and flowing outfit of Breakfast - a show where he could do all the stuff that made him great as a DJ. The sketches, the banter. Listening to Kevin filling on Breakfast in was listening to Kev do just what he really loved doing and was most comfortable with. Sadly, in the end he always had to put the corset back on. Until one day, something changed...

A Death

Mark and Lard had never really wanted Breakfast but had put their best into it. However it quickly became clear that it just wasn't working. Then came the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

The duo were on holiday at the time and the decision was taken to give them a third week off, leaving Kevin in charge of the Breakfast Show. His moods and feelings were judged to be appropriate to the occasion, rather than Mark and Lard's more abrupt tones.

Not long after, the Breakfast Show had taken another of many tumbles in the ratings and the decision was taken to move them off to the 2-4pm slot, to be vacated by Nicky Campbell's move to BBC Radio Five Live.

Some say you can only go down after doing the biggest show in radio. Mark and Lard were their exception and their Radio One afternoon show now has a bigger audience share than any other show, taking a prize usually held by the Top 40. For them, moving off Breakfast was to turn out to be a good career move.

A New Breakfast Show

The station however would need a new show and it was to be given to Kevin. However unlike his fill in slots, Kevin would not be doing the show alone - his co-host would be television presenter Zoe Ball. The combination was in many ways an odd one - the new duo had completely different presentation styles with Kevin being more subtle than his female co-host.

It was however, Zoe's appointment that made all the news. The fact that she would be co-hosting the show, was largely ignored by the press at large, as was the fact that the official show title was to be "The Breakfast Show with Kevin Greening and Zoe Ball"

The new show was to be a rather eclectic mix of features. Some elements of Kevin's early comedy features would remain - Raymond Sinclair would make a welcome return to the airwaves and would be joined by a new character, Major Holdups, whose job amazingly involved reading traffic reports!

60 Second Cinema would also move to breakfast on a Thursday together with a 60 Second Sport, this time to be done by Zoe. The initial idea was that Zoe would come in and talk about her showbiz life while Kev would get on doing his stuff and playing the records.

In the end, this format was thrown pretty much in the bin as the show was inundated with celebrity guests and more. Since the show started on 13 October, 1998, the ratings had gone up, despite the competition from Chris Evans who had now joined Virgin's breakfast show. Things weren't going to bad at all.

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