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Not long after appearing as a regular presenter on Heart, Kevin got another job - as a guest host on the breakfast show of London alternative radio station XFM.

On the week 24-28 June 2002, Kevin filled in for Christian O'Connell, between 6:30am and 10am. Why, is an interesting question. Most radio stations take the oppertunity to try out future presenters in the breakfast show when their main host goes on holiday, so why XFM called in Kevin isn't really known. What the listeners were treated to was one of the best Kevin Greening shows for ages.

Whilst the station gave Kevin a number of competitions to fill his show, they were done in a typical Kevin style. A give away for Glastonbury tickets was done by getting people to call from on top of things (the winner won by calling from on top of one of the lions in London's Trafalgar Square), whilst giving away (bizairely) the soundtrack and video to the film Kes, was done by getting people to pretend to be Yorkshire miners, digging for the video, directing the pick with their touchtone phone which proved to be one of the most surreal pieces of radio I've heard in a long time.

A Regular Slot

Kevin obviously had a successful week, and it wasn't long after when he appeared as the new host of XFM's weekday morning show, 10-1pm.

It appeared to be a sudden move - on his last Friday on the breakfast show he was due in on Heart the following day, although he'd been given a slot previously occupied by XFM's Natasha.

His arrival appeared pretty unplanned - there was no real reference to his arrival, , and he was barely mentioned on the XFM website when filling in on the breakfast show - just his name on the schedule.

Indeed, a few weeks later in the week 22-26 July, he was already off on holiday with Richard Bacon filling in. His stint on Heart ended almost as abrubtly as it started.

And Shunted Again

And that was it. Kevin on XFM's morning show. It seemed to be going alright, although he was rather constrained by having to play a large number of tracks each hour (now where have I heard that before?) And it went on.

Until 2004. On the 5 January 2004, XFM's listeners found they'd lost their Kevin and had in his place Shaun Keaveny - described by one forum poster as having a "slightly anonymous bloke-down-the-pub style".

Just like at Radio 1, Kevin's shunting coincided with a new boss at the station. At Radio 1, it was Andy Parfitt taking over the hotspot. On XFM it was the arrival of a new head of programming in the form of Andy Ashton. Obviously Mr Ashton wasn't a Kevin-fan unlike his predecessor Andrew Phillips who brought him to the station.

And so that was that, in a mirror image of what happened at Radio 1, Kevin was shunted off to the 'Best of X' Saturday evening show.

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