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Welcome to The UK's Favourite DJ - a website celebrating the life of Smooth Radio and former BBC Radio 1 presenter Kevin Greening.

Kevin may no longer be with his, but his memory lives on. He was a fantastic presenter, whom I first came across on Radio 1 when he was presenting at weekends. It didn't take many shows to get me hooked on his wit and dry humour. For me, he became one of those rare things - a must-listen presenter. The airwaves won't be the same again.


Early Career

From GLR to Virgin, arriving at Radio 1.

Radio 1 Drivetime

Or is it driveltime?

Radio 1 Breakfast

Kev and Zoe in the morning

Radio 1 Sunday Breakfast

'Hits and Highlights'.

Leaving Radio 1

The station loses one of its finest presenters.

BBC Radio Five Live

Live news, live sport, live Kevin.

BBC London Live

A quick hello and a quick goodbye.

Bits and Pieces

The Supply DJ moves all over the place.


London's alternative grabs the Kevster.

Jazz FM and Smooth

A smoother show for London.

Final Record

Kevin Greening: 1962-2007

About this site

The site is named after one of his spoof jingles. Based on actual Radio 1 jingles from the 1980s, they went like this:

"The UK's favourite DJs"
"Ghengis Kahn"
"Radio One"

I could have named this site after another jingle, but a site called I Live In A Giant Mushroom, whilst tempting, just didn't seem to work...

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