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The Sanctuary for Abandoned Catchphrases

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People often ask where old catchphrases go. Old catchphrases don't die, they just wander round the ether, endlessly waiting... longing... needing, even, to be said again... It is incredibly cruel.

Mark and Lard, hosts of Radio One's popular Mark and Lard Show (weekdays, 2-4pm, 97-99FM) have throughout their career used and discarded many such catchphrases. These catchphrases have suffered much since their fall from grace. On May 21st, 2000, The Sanctuary was opened to provide a new home for these catchphrases - a home where they will be loved and cared for, and most importantly, where they may just get to be said again...

The Sanctuary For Abandoned Mark and Lard Catchphrases wishes to express its appreciation for the charitable donations to this site by Richard Bell, Martin Rodgers, Michael Gavin, Paul Speller, Mr Sheen, Ian Wilkins, Mark Holland, Catherine Redfern, Andrew Dean, A Ramsaran, Matthew Holborn and PixieDancer Beth. If you wish to make a donation, or wish to alert us to another catchphrase that has been abandoned and helpless, please email us. We always do our best to help.

Recent Additions

  • October 14, 2001 - Back Off The Mic rescued.

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