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The Sanctuary: T to Z

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The final section has some real nutcases in it. Beware, some of these critters bite... And have pooey bums.

Ten Pence Short

It was literally amazing how often when the duo needed to buy somet for the superstars they employed making little trinkets out of various gubbins in the shed on the estate of the DJ castle, how often they were ten pence short. Amazingly they were even ten pence short the day some listener sent them in 10p. But then they did give it to Michelle to buy her daughter some sherbet lemons. Since then though, the pair have had a pay rise, and don't need to worry about money anymore.

"Thank's To Jo Wiley", "What's She Done?", "A Radio Show."

The hairy toed one, Jo Wiley, presents her show in the two hours before Messrs Radcliffe and Riley. It is compulsory for DJs, when their show starts, to thank the preceding presenter. As ever, Messrs Radcliffe and Riley did it with aplomb, with this catchphrase. Greed and self importance took over the minds of "What's She Done?" and "A Radio Show" who went off to demand a pay rise. They didn't get it, getting the sack instead. They came to us, seeking help, and we let them in.

That's The Bunny

An old standby for such a long time throughout their early career on Radio One, it was a Lard-ism for "Yes Mark, that is correct". But times change and people's ways of saying these things, change.

The Hand Fart

Not so much as a saying but an action. Always useful for getting out of a tight situation.

They Could Go Far... With The Right Management

Along with it's close cousin, 'I can't see them getting anywhere. Not even with the right management', this critter could often be heard creeping around, usually after the boys had just played a truly awful Top 10 hit...


What exactly is a Warp? We weren't sure which is why when we nearly tripped up over this critter, we nearly didn't recognise it, and hey, even worse, we nearly kicked it back into the gutter. After all, despite being shouted at listeners by Lard for a substantial amount of time during the afternoon show, with it being radio, no one really knew what it looked like...

What's On The Clock, Cock?

A rather crude way of asking about time I'll have you know. Though why anyone would ask a cockral...

Where Did You Go... Where's He Gone?

Not so much a catchphrase, more a way of life. Every time the Bluetones hit, Slight Return, graced the airwaves, after the immortal words "Where did you go..." the music would abruptly stop, followed by a "Where's He Gone" from Lard. Sadly after over three years of faithful service, Lard cruely abandoned this time honoured favourite. Since then, the poor sod has been lowered to new depths and the ultimately bad job - Catchphrase-O-Grammes...

Will You Back Off The Mic A Bit!

See Back Off The Mic

Wise Words

From the late night Graveyard Shift show, Wise Words was a recorded jingle-style catchphrase, rather than an off the cuff live one, which accounts for it's perfectionism that still shines out of the little critter still, today. The phrase itself was often said after a quote from a famous pop star or star lette, who had said something profound and meaningful. Honest.

You're Jokin'!

Always said in a very strained "I'm sat on the loo, doing a number two" kind of a voice by the hapless boy Lard, You're Joking was just dropped in whenever by the Levenshule Boy Wonder, just after Mark Radcliffe happened to say something completely believable and perfectly straightforward.

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