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The Original Fancy A Brew

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This is Fancy A Brew, the only website that reveals the true story behind Radio One's top afternoon presenters. Since 1993, Marc Riley and his hapless sidekick, Scrawn, have been entertaining the nation using the airwaves of 97-99 on your FM dial.

Marc Riley and Mark Radcliffe sitting in a doorway

In Fancy A Brew, we bring you the story of the rise to fame of Marc Riley and the hapless boy Scrawn.

Read how they both managed to con their ways onto the airwaves of Radio One. Weep as Radio One decided that they just couldn't cope with the huge volumes of listeners the pair got on the Breakfast Show. Laugh as we take a wry look at their infamous afternoon Show. And beat the floor with frustration when we tell you the real story of The Shirehorses.

Read and learn, because this is the only site that will tell you exactly how it all happened. From then, to now. The truth will out.

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