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This page contains various items of information for use with the Fancy A Brew biogs of Marc Riley and Mark Radcliffe.

The Shows

Hit The North was broadcast on the old BBC Radio Five (909/693 MW) on Wednesday nights between 10:05 and midnight. Out On Blue Six was broadcast on BBC Radio One (97-99FM) on Monday nights between 9 and 10.

The Graveyard Shift was broadcast between October 1993 and February 1997 between 10:00 and midnight on Radio One. The Breakfast Show was broadcast between 7:00 and 9:00am on Radio One. It started in February 1997 and ended on October 10th 1997. Marc Riley and Mark Radcliffe currently broadcast between 2:00 and 4:00pm on Radio One (that's 97-99FM in the UK if you need telling...) which they started broadcasting on the 13th October 1997. The show is called High Tea And Tosspots.

Marc Riley And The Creepers

Strange pop group combo led by Marc Riley. Somehow managed to get two sessions on John Peel's show (one of which was produced by Mark Radcliffe) which just goes to show that John Peel will listen to anything. The band had little success and were noted as being of little interest in the great anals of history.

Nicky Campbell

Nicky joined Radio One in 1987 and in 1989 took over from John Peel on the Monday-Thursday late night show, a show which gained a huge following with its huge range of live music and revealing interviews.

Although tipped to take over from Radio One's housewives choice, Simon Bates, Nicky left Radio One in 1993, although rejoined the station to present the Drivetime Show in the station revamp in January 1994. The format of news and music was not very successful and Nicky moved to a noticeably more light hearted afternoon show in 1995, broadcasting Monday to Friday from 2:00 to 4:00pm, which gained high ratings. In October 1997 he moved to BBC Radio Five Live where he remains to this day, leaving Marc and Mark to take over the show.

Ironically, Mark and Lard now have higher listening figures than Nicky did in the same slot, but Nicky also has helped raise the listening figures of Five Live, so as a move, it didn't do too bad for any of them.

Christopher Evans

Chris used to work in local radio with Scrawn. It was later that he met someone of note and somehow managed to land his way at Radio One presenting a Sunday afternoon show called Too Much Gravy which has to be his best show ever. Despite this his contract was not renewed after six months and he went to Channel Four to co-host the Big Breakfast. He then became famous, joined Virgin Radio, left Virgin Radio, left the Big Breakfast and presented the quiz show Don't Forget Your Toothbrush.

He launched a Friday night show called TFI Friday and rejoined Radio One presenting the Breakfast Show. When Radio One refused to let him work a four day week he left, leaving Riley to take over the slot so that Riley could fail to prove to the nation that he is one of the finest breakfast jocks since Brian Winters on Chipping Sodbury Sound. Evans then worked for Virgin Radio (again), which he bought for himself for Christmas one year with some loose change he found behind the sofa.

Chris sold Virgin Radio for a ridiculously large amount of money, got sacked, married Billie, moved to the US, came back and produced a plethora of TV shows each of which fell into the categories of 'Ratings Flop' and 'Unimaginative Rubbish'. Well why change the habbit of recent years?

The Fall

Strange pop group combo, only liked by John Peel. It's lead singer is Grumpy Get Mark E Smith. The band has rarely appeared on daytime radio, though there was one appearance, cunningly when John Peel was sitting in for Jackie Brambles in the lunchtime show, before Jackie buggered off for the States.

Most people believe that the Fall will never have any success, owing plainly to the fact that the only disc jockey ever who likes them, is John Peel.

Mark Goodier

Coming to the attention of an unwitting public as the original host of the Evening Session (currently hosted by Steve Lamaq), Mr Goodier can claim partial credit for giving Radio One DJs Jo Wiley, Steve Lamaq, Claire Sturgess (now working for xfm in London) and Scrawn their current star status, as they were all invited to fill in for him.

His move to daytime radio however, was not so reknowned, with a short time as host of the Breakfast Show, before a move to Afternoons and then Drivetime, before he was eventually moved to weekends. After presenting just the Radio One Top 40 and nothing else, he finally left Radio One in 2002.

Showing he's not stereotyped, he now presents a chart show for Classic FM and the Smash Hits Chart.

Mark Kermode

With a PhD in Horror Fiction, Mark spent many years as Radio One's movie guru, as well as being a journalist for several magazines. His first major piece of stardom was as the leader of the house band on Danny Baker's orginal BBC1 chat show, After All.

The show was axed after one series.

Mark was the head of the house band on Danny Baker's next BBC1 chat show (It's Danny Baker), which was axed. He took over from Scrawn as presenter of The Guest List, an arts programme on Radio One, only to see it axed shortly after.

Then he took over from Andy Kershaw on the Antiques Records Roadshow (which also got axed shortly after...) He presented Cling Film which apparently had the movie world all wrapped up. Indeed the show has itself been wrapped up. It was axed - final edition 11th Feb 1997. That shows successor, the ten minute long Movie update was cancelled in November 1999.

He has an unbelievable quiff, looks a bit like John Travolta and has a talent for getting shows the axe. In case you hadn't noticed...

Kermode was a regular guest on the Graveyard slot from week one, where he did the Cult Film Slot. He also got rather annoyed with Kim Newman, the Cult TV guy, 'cos Kim knew a lot about films too... Kermode is the bassist in a band who played on the last edition of The Guest List. The band have never been heard of on national radio again...

Mark remained Radio One's movie expert until Spring 2000, when he moved on. He can still be seen presenting (and writing) many documentaries about films for the BBC and Channel 4, as well as appearing on Simon Mayo's Radio Five Live show. One day he could present Film for BBC1. Although it would, no doubt, be axed shortly after...

Andy Kershaw

Liz Kershaw was once known as the sister of famous DJ Andy Kershaw. Andy Kershaw is now known as the brother of famous DJ Liz Kershaw.

Until recently Andy was host of Radio One's folk, country and world music show until it was axed to be replaced by some boring dance music show to much public outcry - his plight was even discussed in the House of Commons. The move was particularly contraversial considering that (according to a report on Folk Roots Magazine) Andy was achieving some of the highest ratings ever acheived on the 12-2am weekday timesloot. Interestingly during his time at Radio One, Andy was never allowed access to this figures...

Andy has bounced back and started appearing irregularly on BBC Radio 3, before, starting his own weekly show in April 2001. He can be heard on Radio 3, every Friday night from 10:15.

Timmy Mallet

A kids TV presenter who has long since disappeared. He was rubbish. The only thing to note is that he attended my sixth form college (while it was still a grammar school) and went to Warwick University doing the exact same course as one of my friends. His features like Mallet's Mallet were rubbish, and TVam did the nation a great favour when they lost their ITV franchise, mainly as it meant we never heard of Timmy 'Mallet' Mallet again (although TVam was a lot better than GMTV - also known as "Give Me The Valium").

Mrs Merton

Mrs Merton was the presenter of BBC chat show, The Mrs Merton Show, where she interviewed stars of stage and screen. She had an audience of regulars who have become as much as a part of the show as she has. In 1997, the BBC flew Mrs Merton and the audience to Las Vegas to record some shows. She also did three series of the Mrs Merton Show as well as a spin off series, Mrs Merton and Malcom before disappearing once the gag had grown tired.

John Peel

John is one of the nations best loved and most admired disc jockeys. He has been at Radio One since launch in 1967 and spent many of his years on the Monday to Friday night time slot before moving to weekends so he could spend more time with his family. His show was given over to Nicky Campbell. In 1997 he moved back to weekday evenings, where he can still be found.

A common comment from those who used to listen to him in their youth goes along the lines of "John Peel? Is he still alive?" He is indeed still alive and the day he leaves radio will be a sad one.

Frank Sidebottom

Frank has an unbelievably large head, though rumours that this is due to the fact that it is made of papier mache are unfounded. Frank worked with Scrawn on his shows on dodgy local radio station Picalilli Radio and was an occasional star with Riley and Scrawn on the Radio Five program Hit The North.

Frank is also a comedian in his own right and in 1996 headlined a massive fun day in Hyde Park. Hyde Park being in Hyde, Greater Manchester not some insignificant park in London. He is a regular on stage especially with his sidekick Little Frank.

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