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The Resthome for Unloved Mark and Lard Quality Items

This page is no longer updated and kept here for archive purposes only. Please visit the new Fancy A Brew page for up to date news and information.

This is the Resthome for Unloved Mark and Lard Quality Items.

We were formed as an off shot of the Sanctuary for Abandoned Mark and Lard Catchphrases when we found that with the catchphrases, a number of ditched quizzes and show features were knocking on our door, asking for help.

Like their catchphrase friends, Mark and Lard have been quilty of some enormous cruelty in sending these poor wretches out onto the streets to suffer.

Whilst our organisation is small now, we expect more quality items to join to us in the future, once the knowledge of our existence is made more widespread. To help us effectively do our job, we will need your help, which you can give by emailing us. Please, don't leave them to suffer.

Recent Additions

  • 6 Oct 2002 - Bez Sez, Tony MacCaroll's Classical Gas, Dick and Ken The Snooker Men, Mark's Television Programme and Uncle Tony's Catalogue Corner added.
  • 31 Mar 2002 - Vague News, Slipnot's Army and The Yes/No Game given a home
  • 16 Dec 2001 - Morris Idol and Gagging For It added.

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