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The Sanctuary: A to F

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At the beginning of the alphabet, through to the letter F, page one helps those who need love, care and attention.

And So Do I!

Made popular by the popular music combo of Skel Nonch and Erk Drey, this popular friend to the show lasted the whole of two weeks before being put out to the pasture when the popular songsmeisters were dropped from the show in September 2000. I personally salute this masterpiece of catchphraserering. And so do I!.

As Tight As A Duck's Bum

Perhaps the public not wanting to know about this is the reason this little ditty is now resting in our padded cages.

Back Off The Mic!

First heard in the Radio One Antiques Roadshow, Back Off The Mic was a catchphrase that just summed up the mood of the nation, so much so that it was to even be heard uttered in the Shirehorses hit song classic, Bellow.

However one hit wonders never really make it far in the real world, less so no hit wonders, and Back Off The Mic was quietly ushered back to the world of radio. An attempt to re-create the magic in the form of a solo single called Will You... failed to capture the hearts and minds of the public and an alcohol problem followed. The catchphrase was chucked off air as the Roadshow was canned in August 2001. Vague promises of a new series have been made, but unless we get this little one back into shape, it's unlikely to ever happen.

Beggars Belief!

...that this one was ever ditched!

Best Bang A Tune On, Our Kid

What do you say when it all starts going wrong and everything falls flat on it's arse? Well this of course. Sadly the duo have got too slick to even think of using this little darling any more.

Bit O'Class

A common Northern way of saying "Blimey, that's good!". So good, it got abandoned. And you know, it's placid...

Boing! (aka The David Bowie Erection Noise)

One of the most surreal catchphrases seeking refuge in the Sanctuary is this little fellow. It started as a harmless part of 'The Great Moments In Pop' serial, which involved Dave Bowie, without the Dave Bowie Band, in the shower with Brian Eno, after a pop stars rugby game - an everyday occurrence I'm sure you'll agree. Brian Eno bent over to pick up David's soap. And BOING! Yep, a ruler twanged. You get them all the time in showers after pop stars rugby matches... And that's it. It it remained for years to come until it was used no more, just gathering dust in the mini-disc rack. Awh. Bless.

Bollocks, I've Been Rumbled Again Our Kid

One of many catchphrases to be inexplicably linked to a quality item that is being re-homed in the Rest Home For Abandoned Quality Items. "Bollocks..." was ditched from the airwaves after it's feature, It's a Windup was axed. The feature was axed when "Bollocks..." was rumbled when his roll in a Snap! betting syndicate was uncovered by police.


Amazing how superstar DJs can completely fail to sound like a drum, init? True talent (or lack of) shines through in the end, and the Lard Meister decided to drum no more.

Caddly Caddly Hoo Hoo

A popular radio style chant that managed to be so popular with the general public that it lasted about one solitary week on the airwaves of Radio One in mid 2000. Since then it has been seen scampering up trees, sad and lonely. We hope to soon capture the little critter and give it the warmth and love it needs right now.


No, nothing to do with the noble art of shoe repair, more a great northern expression to use when somet goes wrong. Obviously nowt does that no more...

Cod! Fish! Battered Balls!

This poor creature joined the Sanctuary after a long and successful career on the duo's Breakfast Show in 1997. Well we say long. It wasn't that long. How ever, before falling from grace, this once lively specimen was often shouted into a microphone, for seemingly no apparent reason.

Competition teeeeyyyyiiiaammmmeeeeee

Used before competitions on the Graveyard Shift, in the days when a write in comp was the height of fashion. Fashion changes and write in comps joined flares in the rubbish bin of history when the Graveyard Shift finally got put to rest.

Fancy A Brew

After a glorious career, this old fave and its partner in crime, Our Kid, was recently retired. We found it wandering the streets of Levenshulme and took it in. It was used for years to signify that Marc 'Lard' Riley had literally nothing further to say. For those who wish to know, 'Fancy A Brew, Our Kid' is northern talk for 'Would you like a nice cup of tea, matey boy', although, of course, the 'matey boy', like 'Our Kid', is entirely optional.

Forgot About Dre

As pop megastar Tracy Eminem proved, it's just so confoundedly easy to forget about Dre. In fact people were forgetting about the Rap Doctor himself with such an alarming tendancy, that the Mancunian Duo had to set up a helpline on live Radio so that people forgeting about Dre could confess all and seek the help with their mind that they so needed. Thankfully it didn't take much to help and by Autumn 2000, the nation was cured. This report filed by Anw Bowden. Oh... Arse. I forgot about the Dre....

Foxy! Paddy! Oooooooh!

The Breakfast Show gave rise to many specimens, now discarded on the waste dump of eternity. This shouty numbers fate was really sealed upon the departure from the show of Patrick the Studio Audience, who was a keen contributor to this vocal shout, and although the phrase struggled on for some time after, its little heart really wasn't in it any more. In its heyday, Mark Radcliffe would shout 'Foxy!', Lard would follow with 'Paddy!' and Patrick would jump in with 'Oooh!'. Why, really is any ones guess...

Freshly Milled Pepper

Initiated by a request from one hapless soul in radio land, Freshly Milled Pepper, with it's a dapper voical style, lasted the whole of a day, and was used to great effect during that brief period in January 2001. Despite it's obvious listener attraction, 'FMP' couldn't cope with the pressure of it's newly found startdom, and ran off with a salt cellar from Dorking.

F**k My Hat!

Ah this brings back memories of a sing-a-long with the wireless. So rude it had to be bleeped, Mark and Lard would come out with some amazing fact then start singing...

F**k my hat, I didn't know that!
F**k my hat, I didn't know that!
F**k my hat, I didn't know that!
F**k my hat, I didn't know that...

With the move to the Breakfast Show, the catchphrase had an expletive removal operation and became It's Believable, but the fact that it used just a cut down lyric from the EMF song, Unbelievable, meant that its fate was sealed.

Full Blown 'Lectric Job

The arrival of this one brought back memories. Memories of the Graveyard Shift and the late night sessions. Many sessions were acoustic, but quite often this could be heard:

"[insert band name here] are in session tomorrow."
"Is that an acoustic session?" "Nope. Full Blown 'Lectric Job."

As ever, when the GYS ended, so the catchphrase was booted out. How many times have we heard that sad tale...

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