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This is Fancy A Brew - the story of Mark 'Scrawny-boy' Radcliffe and Marc 'Lardy-boy' Riley - two of the UK's best loved radio presenters.

Inside Fancy A Brew

Mark Radcliffe

Mark Radcliffe

Bolton-born lad with a perchant for being in bands - what more could you want from a presenter.

Marc Riley

Marc Riley

From The Fall to 6music via one of the most famous radio double acts of recent time. Knackers!

The Shirehorses

The Shirehorses

A band so unlucky, they were repeatedly ripped off by some of the biggest names in music.

Mark and Lard

The Shows

Almost every Mark and Lard related major show we can think of.

Mark and Marc on air

Radcliffe and Maconie - 8-10pm, Monday to Wednesday, BBC Radio 2

Marc Riley - 7-9pm, Monday to Thursday, BBC 6music

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