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The Shows

Mark and Lard have presented a number of regular shows together and apart over the years. So in amazing chronoclogical order, here they are!

Radio 5 logo

Hit The North

Late name Radio 5 - the forerunner to the Graveyard Shift.

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Out On Blue Six

Rock, punk and psycadelia. The best Radio 1 show ever?

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The Guest List

The Guest List - an arts programme.

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from 1990

Cult Radio

Programme about cult things where Lard wasn't the sidekick!

1990 Radio 1


Obscure Radio 1 show that very few people even know existed, but out-surrealed Blue Jam

Radio 1 logo from 1994

The Graveyard Shift

Cult radio and Sony awards aplenty, for the cultured pile of daft stuff that featured poetry live music and other gubbins.

Radio 1 logo from 1994

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show

Chris Evans leaves in a strop? Who you gonna call? Mark and Lard! Well if you must...

Radio 1 logo
from 2001


From breakfast flops to top afternoon success story!

6music logo from 2001

Rocket Science

It ain't... er... somet or other. Not sure what.

Radio 2 logo from 2001

Radio 2 Nighttime

Mark Radcliffe returns to late nights and an audience rejoices.

6music logo from


Collectable records and memerobillia - Marc Riley gains a second show.

6music logo from 2001

Brain Surgery

Music and sessions on weeknights

Radio 2 logo from 2001

Radcliffe and Maconie

Two menu in a studio in Manchester

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