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The Shows: Out On Blue Six

Radio 1 logo from 1990

Presented by
Mark Radcliffe
Radio Station
BBC Radio 1
Mondays, 9-10pm
On air
April 1991 - 18 Oct 1993

Having been heard on Hit the North, Mark was presented with a blank canvas for the show - although the station management had originally envisioned an acoustic sounding show.

The result however was very different. Believed by many to be Radio 1's best show at the time, Out On Blue Six presented an eclectic collection of punk, psycadelia and garage music. Different styles of music were often shoved next to each other.

It was loved by many who listened to it, and its music policy also spread out into the early days of the Graveyard Shift.

And in a recurring theme from his time on the airwaves, the show received a coveted Sony Silver award.

The show came to an end when Mark was invited to move to the Graveyard Shift in October 1993.

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