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The Shows: The Guest List

Radio 1 logo from 1990

Presented by
Mark Radcliffe (until Oct 1993)
Mark Kermode (from Oct 1993)
Radio Station
BBC Radio 1
Thursday, 9-10pm
On air
Apr 1993 - May 1994

Radio One in the early 1990s was a weird but ultimately very interesting place. Under the control of Matthew Bannister the station tried all manner of interesting and intelligent programming - including what was Radio 1's only arts programme.

The Guest List, presented by Mark Radcliffe was that programme and the show ran for around a year, broadcasting for an hour a week on Thursdays.

It was a highly interesting and informative arts programme - notable by the fact it didn't come from London, in an era when the arts in the regions were largely unknown.

Despite its subject matter, nothing was ever taken too seriously and one notable feature was a story about a former underground public lavatory that had been turned into an art gallery.

When Mark Radcliffe moved to present the Graveyard Shift the show continued for a short time under the stewardship of Mark Kermode, who had also taken on Hit The North and later became known as Radio 1's resident film critic. However the show was axed in May to make way for a new music news show presented by Danny Kelly, with Mark Kermode moving to a new films show called Cling Film (which had the movie world all wrapped up).

The last edition of The Guest List featured a band playing live in the studio for no other reason than that Mark Kermode was in the band and it was likely to be the only radio gig they ever got. As a random aside, Mark Kermode was also the head of the house bands on Danny Baker's BBC One chat shows After All and It's Danny Baker.

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