Series 2

Episode 1: Etude In Black 3 cigars

Famous conductor Alex Benedict leaves his car at the mechanics and is driven by his wife to the Hollywood Bowl. Once there he slips away, steals his car back from the now closed mechanic and drives to the house of Jennifer Welles, a pianist in his orchestra. Jennifer has given Alex an ultimatum - come clean to his wife about their affair, or she'll go public on the matter - risking Alex's job.

Episode 3: The Most Crucial Game 2 cigars

Eric Wagner's dad dreamed of having the biggest sporting empire in the world. Unfortunately though he died, and playboy Eric doesn't really care however the dream is being continued by Paul Hanlon who manages the concern on Eric's behalf. And it's Saturday, day where the beloved Los Angeles Rockets are playing American Football.

Episode 4: Dagger Of The Mind 3 cigars

London, England, and in the Royal Court Theatre there's a fraught rehearsal going on prior to the opening night of Macbeth - the play which husband and wife stars Nicholas Framer and Lillian Stanhope hope will re-launch their careers and lead on to bigger, and better things.

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