Series 8

Episode 1: Columbo Goes To The Guillotine 5 cigars

The room is dark; the atmosphere tense. The experiment has begun. Well known psychic, Elliot Blake, is being put to the test. Can he really read minds?

Episode 2: Murder, Smoke and Shadows 3 cigars

After finding out his sister died when a film stunt went wrong, Leonard Fisher heads off to confront director and former friend Alex Bradey, threatening to expose him for his role in his sister's death. Unfortunately for him, Bradey has other ideas.

Episode 4: Grand Deceptions 4 cigars

Colonel Frank Brailie is busy setting up an elaborate display of toy soldiers on a battlefield which he's setting up as a birthday present for the famous General Padget. Leaving the pool house he is in, he then proclaims to a member of the General's staff that the military miniatures haven't yet arrived.

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