Series 9

Episode 1: Murder: A Self Portrait 5 cigars

Renowned artist Max Barsini lives on the beach with Vanesa, his wife, and a young live-in model, Julie, who is the subject of Max's 'Vixen Paintings'. Next door is his first wife, Louise, and all three combine to in essence create Max's own personal harem. He loves having all three around, and indeed controlling them and playing them off against each other.

Episode 3: Agenda for Murder 3 cigars

It's time for the presidential election primaries and the whole city is excitedly waiting to see who Governor Montgomery is going to pick as his running mate. Much of the speculation is (correctly) on Congressman Paul Mackey, a match made by Paul's friend, campaign manager and well known lawyer Oscar Finch.

Episode 4: Rest in Peace, Mrs Columbo 5 cigars

The episode starts at a funeral, where the camera shows an upset Lieutenant. For the funeral is for his wife.

Episode 5: Uneasy Lies The Crown 4 cigars

Dentist and serial gamber Wesley Corman has a problem. His father in law, Horace Sherwin, has informed him that Corman's wife, Lydia, intends to file for divorce; that Corman's extensive debts to Sherwin will need to be repaid; and that Corman has a week to take his dental practise out of Sherwin's surgery.

Episode 6: Murder in Malibu 2 cigars

Serial playboy and womanizer Wayne Jennings surprises his girlfriend, author Teresa Goren at a signing for her latest romantic novel which also sees her return to LA after several weeks on the road. But eventually she ends up dead and he has a car boot full of flowers...

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