Series 5

Episode 4: A Matter of Honour 4 cigars

In hospital, Curro Rangel regains consciousness, memories of the bull hitting him as he awakes. The bull had broken out of his box, and Curro had used his Matador skills to try and catch the bull. Unfortunately for him, the bull won but he was apparently dragged out of the ring by his father whilst Ranch owner and National Hero and ex-Matador Luis Montoya caught the bull.

Episode 6: Last Salute to the Commodore 2 cigars

A well known and regarded naval architect, Commodore Otis Swanson, has become discontented with the way his son-in-law has turned his boat building firm into a vast, impersonal corporation, and has become fed up of his family freeloading off the company. He intends to sell the company, but before he can, his son-in-law is seen dumping his body into the sea.

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